Creative Workshop of musical instruments from recycled materials and ensemble music.The workshop involves the construction and the chance to play different musical instruments inspired by those of tribal and popular cultures around the world using urban solid waste, polluting residues of the contemporary society, but with a potential to be developed and explored .

Phases of the laboratory:

1. Sound walk through the sounds of the world, body and waste materials.
2. Instruments' decoration and construction.
3. Musical approach.
4. Instruments' orchestration.

By using recycled materials as a starting point , we will try to sensitize the participants on the idea of sustainable development by stimulating their creativity, encouraging the rediscovery of  manual skills and suggesting a critical use of human resources and energy. 
Different musical instruments will be constructed and played for the creation of one or more compositions.


Employment of manual skills
Acquirement of a practical approach to music
Become aware of the expressive possibilities of music
Become aware of the universality of musical language
Play with music
Learn how to turn simple objects into musical instruments


Become aware of recycling and energy saving techniques
Become aware of personal technical and artistic skills
Share with the group moments of discovery and creativity
Share with others the pleasure of playing and dancing
Being able to play some rhythms and perform group melodies and harmonies
Being able to sing in choir and accompanied by music


Sense-perceptual activities
Group discussions
Creative and manipulative activities
Ensemble music activities 

Riciclato Circo Musicale