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"Don't throw away anything, just PLAY IT!"

Riciclato Circo Musicale is an Italian band formed in 2006. Four musicians from completely different genres and artistic experiences, but with one thing in common: a passion for research and continuous sonic experimentation.

"RCM" recycle materials and objects in order to construct instruments of all kinds, from the most classic and contemporary ones, such as the Chiteja, Bassolardo and Buzzeria, to the most traditional-ethnic ones, such as the Battifon and Barattolao, up to the invention and creation of new instruments such as the Medusa and Casalingatore.

For several years "RCM" have been exploring the new world of technological waste and reuse through music, a professional bias devoted to research which has led the group to create a new genre of music called "Elettrodomestica".

An unexplored forest of incredible sounds, generated using waste products and materials such as old electronic radio and various appliances. These contemporary waste materials have created a new family of tools, so a new style of music made ​​of compositions and original songs that mix unexpected timbres to the world/pop style of Riciclato Circo Musicale.

The Casalingatore (an analog synthesizer made ​​of household goods, electrical appliances and electronic toys for children), the Radiomin (a complex of am / fm radio that sounds like a Theremin), the Vignarolophon (a hair dryer that sounds like a flute) and dozens of other amazing musical instruments, all built by transforming waste materials, set up a musical scenario that will surprise you at each listen.

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New album presentation "IBAN IL TERRIBILE" (25/06/2016) 


Backstage concert 25/06/2016 (I parte)

Backstage concert 25/06/2016 (II parte)

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