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Andrea Accoroni

Graduated at the Faculty of Humanities of Macerata specializing in "Music and Performing Arts" with a thesis on Rom music and instruments. He devoted himself to the construction of musical instruments from recycled materials and he has invented, built and played dozens of stringed, wind, percussion and electronic instruments. He started playing guitar and bass by the age of 12 and later worked with various theater companies and music research groups such as the experimental theater company "A" of Macerata with the Director Alli Caracciolo for whom he also composed the soundtrack of "Fight Till Dawn", a play by Ugo Betti . He has been awarded Sound Operator (Level II) after a course promoted by the Pergolesi Spontini Foundation in Jesi (An). He develops improvisational theater and body movement techniques during workshops organized in collaboration with the Recremisi Theater of Ancona and stages about Commedia dell'Arte, held by Eugenio Allegri. He has a first-level qualification in Body Percussion achieved by following the laboratory of Javier Romero Naranjo at "Chiavi d'Ascolto" School in Bologna. He is currently involved with Riciclato Circo Musicale, of which he is creator and co-founder .

Simone Bellezze

Musician and music therapist, he has been shaping his workshop / teaching experience with children, adults, the elderly and disabled  since 2001, working in rehabilitation centers, mental health centers, centers of aggregation, schools and prisons. He devoted himself to music from an early age, playing classic guitar and later, electric guitar. At the same time he extended his musical knowledge to drums with music teachers Giovanni Damiani, Gianni Bonifazi and Mauro Mancini. Deepening the study of percussion, with particular interest to Italian, African and South American folk music. Tileto musical instruments, the study of Body Percussion, applying rhythms, songs and dances from around the world, the most ancient musical instrument in history, our body. He developed improvisational theater and body movement in space techniques, experiences acquainted in laboratories organized by the Recremisi Theater in Ancona, with Salvatore Motta, Matteo Belli (body and voice) and through workshops on Commedia dell'Arte, held by Eugenio Allegri. Currently engaged in a play, ‘Se “in vino veritas… il vino meritas'" with "Ponte tra Culture" Cooperative and the show "Otra de leche" in collaboration with La Academia de Artes Guerrero in Bogota (Colombia), where in the month of March 2014 held two workshops with body percussionteachers and students, and has collaborated in the show "Agua Bendita maldita", as achoreographer, music, objects, body and traditional musical instruments. He's member of  Riciclato Circo Musicale, of which he is co-founder.

Andrea Massetti

Kaio Michele Tiberi

He began his musical path as a DJ in 1994, exploring electronic music associated with percussion. In 1997 he began his real didactic trail, attending "GB Pergolesi" Music School in Jesi, meeting the world of Cuban percussion with Luca Mattioni. At the age of 18 he started attending various workshops and seminars throughout Italy with the best African masters of percussion such as Mamady Keita, Ibro konate, Billy Konate, Thomas Guei, Soulemane "Cobra" Camara, Sory Diabate and Kissima Diabate, conducting in-depth studies in Africa. In 2008 he settled in Senegal for four years and got BA in traditional African music at "Ecole Nationale des Arts" (ENA) in Dakar. Along the years he has collaborated with various artists such as Fernando Mendoza Suels, Moustapha M'Bengue, Saneo Mbaye, Papis Kouyate and with various groups such as "Jum Jum Folà", "Caffè Toubab", "Sofali", "Dakar Arome" and "Ninki Nanka Percussions". He has explored the African art not only through traditional music and percussion of North-West Africa (studying instruments such as the djembe, dundun, balafon and kora), but also through their construction. He's currently teaching in elementary and middle schools, but also in private and group courses for adults in the provinces of Ancona, Macerata, Rimini and Faenza. He's currently involved in the Riciclato Circo Musicale Project.